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20 October 2005 @ 09:27 am
I need to leave for school, particularly since finding a parking spot's going to be a bitch... but...

I'm steeping Rooibos tea, the second cup from this tea bag, and I'm not leaving until I finish my tea. It is really nice to have priorities. I mean, sitting with a cute little kitty cat in Bec's apartment with a fresh cup of tea and listening to the Butchies... (this is the part where my supreme dorkness is revealed) head swimming with questions and facts of Latin American history and oppression fighting and a use-able history... daydreams of things attainable and ever sweeter things unattainable... fiercly guarding the little bit of time that I can call mine...

Bec really likes candles. A lot. In her small 1BR apt, there are easily a hundred candles scattered throughout. Wow.

I don't exactly want to go to Apex tonight.

I don't like the type of music @ Ape-sex on Thursday nights. Wednesdays at Chaos is much better. Even Saturdays at Gaypex is better than Thursdays.

My tea is perfectly cooled. Mmmmm...Mmmmm...Good.

The "well, not exactly" history professor handed back our first actual paper-type writing assignment for his class. In my writing, I talked about exactly why Howard Zinn is a kick-ass historian (as far as his activism and teaching are concerned!!). So, needless to say, I kind of expected to take a hit in this part of the essay. The verdict: A+. Yeah, no shit. Woot!

Long Live Radical Historians!!!!


Another observation: Cover of "Your Love" by the Butchies is the hottest song. EVER.
*hot 'n' bothered in a humid apartment...hmmm...*
Current Music: Your Love... Butchies... rawr...