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05 September 2005 @ 07:32 pm
its good for memory/brain function. AND it makes your face swell funny-like for the first few moments, and then you get all splotchy from your blood vessels opening up... like really splotchy. it's ridiculous. and anything but hot. but good for the mind. so, here i am, at work, niacin pumping through the veins and splotchy. did i say that yet? absolutely silly.

i need to post seriously about some stuff and then lock it down. but, alas, i can't do that at work. AND i don't ever really have time to pin down exactly how i'm really feeling. that is, in essence, the problem. i guess i'd post a real feelings-based locked post if i could actually pin down my feelings, eh? weird how i'm also feeling the need for a locked post. never before, man... weird...


awww... then the salvation: two boys new to mason who i know from high school g.s.a. stuff who are soooo excited for the pride alliance meeting tomorrow. they're brothers and one's straight and the other's a super ally and they are FABULOUS!!!