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31 August 2005 @ 04:27 pm
so, school's gone ok, so far. but wtf is up with profs that say, consistently:

'no, actually...'

to everything every student says, making every student feel ignorant and impotent and not empowering ANYONE to want to speak up.... THEN complaining verbally/nonverbally about the fact that no one seems to want to throw out answers. i have one of those. i think it will be okay. but i do know that this is not the type of prof that i want to be or, for that matter, will be. fuck that shit. yeah. i mean, what about engaging the intellect a little bit and trying to figure out how to work with the answer the student has provided in order to guide them to the correct answer, ergo every student feels worthy and encouraged to contribute.

logic, yea? but this man has been a prof since 1968 here at Mason and seems to think he knows that he's doing. AND i'm sure he does know a lot about the subject. BUT and i'm using the BUT word very deliberately... he may need to hone in on more effective teaching/lecturing techniques.

i feel really frusted when profs create an atmosphere of insecurity and animosity within the classroom. is it not their job to create and encourage a sympathetic, comfortable environment for learning?

maybe i'm wrong here...but... i hope not cos that's so much of why i want to teach.
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