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08 August 2005 @ 10:58 am
...which means... lots of randomness and short posts from yours truly.

saw an i-vibe show last night at state theatre. i vibe=israel vibration. roots reggae. very very very good! i love me some reggae. it was just exactly what i needed. and it's so fun to be a punk rock emissary to this roots radics reggae show. so many times i was getting down with that gray area between reggae, punk... somewhere in the neighborhood of ska, but not quite. during one song i was talking with my buddy dave and said something like this:

me: you know, it's fun to be at this show...i feel like i'm one half punk and the other half freak.
dave: (grins) yeah.
me: it's cool though cos i don't really feel any tension where those two parts collide.
dave: yeah, i mean, punks and freaks are really similar. the real punks and real freaks know that and don't have problems with each other.
me: (nods) yeah.

woot. i've firmly decided to get my ass back to shows a lot. saw ani a few weeks ago, i vibes last night... ratdog is coming close to here, pretty soon...

/dillon, on the road...
Current Music: jimmy cliff