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06 August 2005 @ 06:51 pm
my nerves are shot to shit. i'm looking at grad application deadlines and requirements and statistics of admissions, etc... bleh. i'm starting to feel like no one is ever going to accept me for their history grad programs, even though i'm a brilliant asset... AND that even if i do get accepted, i'll never be able to pay for it. damn, where's my suggamomma/daddy when i need him/her/hir?


on the lighter side of things: going out dancing at our friendly neighborhood drama-infested dyke bar, apex with a shit-load of folks from work, school, etc. AND my hair is sufficiently mohawk rocked and blonde. i mean BLONDE. like whoa. and i'm wearing a shirt that i got when i was with pamela kay and i haven't worn since then... whoot!

signing off and trying to remember about faith and fate and staying present in the moment.
Current Music: my sister's christian radio station. pretty catchy!