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02 August 2005 @ 12:08 am
another night when i'm posting to lj when i should be writing a paper.

erg. i suck balls.

got to talk to k8 from PA tonight, tho, which was kickass... what's weird is that she doesn't know about the tranny stuff until probably now cos she's probably reading. and i'm kinda copping out of the coming out process because i'm not talking face2face about it, but she was at work and i was supposed to be writing this paper. anyway. this friend o' mine, k8, is phenomenal and really hot. trust me. she doesn't believe me but i think everyone else does. you should see her. yum. tattoos and piercings, anyone?! yeah, that's what i'm talking about!!!

dillon, the tranny boy who just indirectly came out to a really hot person from PA via lj. i'm a wuss.
Current Mood: unsure.
Current Music: that damn brian wilson song, thanks to the lorax... fucker..