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i sold ani's hospitality suite groceries yesterday. yep, i did. i was talking with this woman from the wolftrap foundation who always comes in to get hospitality stuff (it's her job) and about halfway through, i looked at the stuff i'd been ringing up and said:

dillon: hey, wait... are these for ani's hospitality suite tomorrow?
hospitality woman: yeah, actually, they are!

exciting things from ani's suite: lots of soy yogurt, some regular yogurt, Reed's Ginger Ale sodas, non-alcoholic beer (?!) and lots of Vitamin water. not much solid food that i can remember.

hospitality woman has never met Ani, says she's uber-private (who didn't know that!)... she's worked there for the past 6 years, 4 of which Ani has played and never once have they met. She has to be out of the suite by like 10 am the morning before Ani plays... Hmm...

i'm not wacko-crazy about Ani so much, but it was a cool moment, fo sho.

Ani quote in honor of tonight's show (which I'll miss cos I'll be in-class taking a test and turning in a paper):::::
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26 July 2005 @ 01:05 pm
ok, so as i was writing the previous entry about not going to the show and posting the song lyrics in honor of the show in absentia...

well... my friend tina called for the umpteenth time to get me to go to the show... and i had just finished my paper and the time was just toooooo right to not take this as some sort of cosmic ass-kick in the ani-show-direction.

so, i'm going to the ani show tonight. woot! it's been too damn long since i've seen any live music. i'm used to going to about one show per week on average...

ready to dance,
Current Mood: totally stoked!