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19 July 2005 @ 12:47 am
must not want mr. dillon to have a workable, beautiful car.

tonight, while i was enjoying a fine dinner with a fine anal-dwelling-monkey friend at Sunflower, someone backed into my car... leaving a cute little crater in the front passenger side of the bumper... i had backed into my spot. nice thing: they left their name and number. haven't called yet -- gotta let the folks handle that since its their insurance info, technically... but i just couldn't believe it! hopefully when we call the person tomorrow, they will be really helpful and not pains-in-the-buttocks...

i just got my car back! i'm def. getting a rental this next time my car has to go in the shop! this should be mmmuuuuch easier, though, since its purely cosmetic and only involves knocking that dent out.

i still kind can't believe it. what's remarkable is that the note lasted from vienna nutley/66 exit all of the way to lee highway/exit 69 and down to the shopping center where we discovered it! hmmm... mysterious ways...

still disbelieving...

psst: i'm also kinda worried that my folks will somehow be mad -- but how can they be, right? it wasn't my fault. i had parked responsibly and was inside enjoying my dinner. and the other person hit my car and left their number, so presumably their intention is to file the claim with their insurance and pay for my repair, right?