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09 July 2005 @ 01:41 pm
oh, yes, it has been. a. long. time.

well, all is well. and i've got my car back and a tattoo on my back and i'm back in summer school and back to running. hoo-rah for the gym. and backs.

and i'm getting my hairs cut today. hoo-rah, as well, for 'hawks. i'm starting mine today. what i mean by starting mine is that i want to grow it long... a la skanked out s.f. queer 'hawks... so today begins the process.

and i'm cutting bec's hair, too. what's funny about that sentence is that i never call her 'bec' because nicknames make me feel all awkward and stuff... but, there it is. we're gonna have hot hair.

i miss my grandpapps and mr. d... need to decompress at the fpad. bec leaves for costa rica for 4 1/2 weeks on tuesday, at which point i will have p-lenty of time to be with the boys.

i want another tattoo. immediately. i have some ideas that include swords/daggers, scarab beetles and something in sumerian (as in the really early written language). and i only want spirituality related stuff on my body. and at risk of being heterophobic, i only want queer folk to do work on me.

i guess this is all. i'll have to post more regularly, though... its kinda of fun, ya?

/mr. dillon back from a brief west coasted jaunt.
Current Mood: sleepy. 9 am summer class sux!
Current Music: university computer lab.