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17 May 2005 @ 02:02 am
so i did.

but, really. what's going on with me is... a lot of stuff...

i've got 80 bazillion questions and not enough time to ask all of them.

i miss being really involved with Leather but the demands of the semester really dictated that.

i'm going to miss ad this summer.

my hands hurt from typing so much today.

i'm hungry.

i can't wait to go to the great big.


ps... does anyone happen to know where i could find a big huge tub of analease? drop me a line, if ya do.

psst... more to come later. like tomorrow. or something.
Current Mood: confused or something...?
Current Music: silence but for the pounding of thoughts in my head...
17 May 2005 @ 02:10 am
i brought a tick home with me when i went hiking. it was terrifying. i don't like any creature (human or insect or otherwise) that tries to get under my skin. that's not where other foreign organisms belong. at all.

that is all for now.

i'm going to go finish my cheesy semi-historical novel, then move on to greener pastures with postmodernist sex debates, the same ol' butch/butch erotica, gay boy imaginings, or just the backs o' my eyelids.


/a boy who, 24 hrs. from now, will be absolutely not thinking about anything & reading a novel of his choice. yeah, what now, bitch ass!!!