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12 May 2005 @ 10:40 am
i got Outside mag's 2005 gear feature in the mail a few days ago. i'm such a gear slut. now, i want to spend over a year's rent on adventuring equipment... this is also what happens when i get the campmor catalogue.

in other news: this boy is most definitely going hiking tomorrow and maybe today. i've got a lot of stuff in the ether for today, but tomorrow there will definitely be some hiking in my future. i'm thinking either great falls billy goat section c or the pandora's box of assorted trails at bull run n.p. in manassas. i've hiked both locations before... soo... it's not like this is a huge adventuring thing. just a reconnecting w/ the world kinda thing.

i have a relatively new pack that i got for last christmas (it's only been to new hampshire and around fairfax, va)... this summer my mission is to get it at least a little muddied. i'd like to log at least 100+ miles this summer. not hard to log 100+ running, but i'd like to do it hiking. shouldn't be too hard, especially if i can get one good weekend trip in.

my feet are itching. i need to get out.

*thought for the day* what if i just stay out in san fran? i'll bring my pack and light out to Marin Co... i was reading about a few trails out there this morning...

/dillon. the andro boy with the andro name...

yesterday's wisdom:
- "all of life is really just a conversation..." -- Dr. Webster via GMU staff member
- "you can't fight for human rights without first fighting for your own rights..." -- paraphrased from a fellow latenight yogurt-eater
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