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will bring the crossing of so many paths, as always, on the dance floor of none other than everyone's favorite love-to-hate-it queer club - apex...

i got a haircut today finally. i am still waking up from my nap. i have chocolate for grandpappy. i smell like fabric softener. i am ready to tempt fate, but recalling a quote of fate tempting me. i wish i'd gone to a meeting. i may still catch midnight or is it 11 at triangle club. i am ready to dance. i want some coffee. i'm craving a cigarette.

i look like an urban cowboy. i miss being more involved in the Leather community. i'm curious about a kinky colleague of mine - massively exciting new discovery. hooray.

i guess i need to go now so that i can get gas before picking up bwf.

Current Mood: drowsy.
Current Music: silence. whoa. scary.
07 May 2005 @ 08:38 pm
my espresso maker thingie is broken. *chicken fucker sound*

i'm irate.

it's a good thing i've gotta get gas. i'll get coffe too. and some from soho's. i wonder if Mark'll be there. i still love him, ya know. i want a Daddy so bad sometimes.

*serious sad moment*

/that lonely, busy boy.