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01 May 2005 @ 11:28 pm
random quiz of trial & error by girlina
primate type
favorite color
most wants to be your love muffinboiwfangs
secretly videos you taking showerslessclouds
thinks you should talk about sex moreverbmynoun
has a karaoke machine in their bedroomrobynk
owns a closetful of elvis jumpsuitsmr_piggy
wants to see you in a black pvc catsuitferfouksake
writes dirty books under a pseudonymakleatherboy
was once a sex pistols groupievesperi
does things so utterly depraved it's illegalpreppyperv
Quiz created with MemeGen!
The \\\\
Last Cigarette:waiting on friend for coffee at about 830 this evening
Last Alcoholic Drink:Sam Adams, before 06.19.03
Last Car Ride:can't remember last time i just rode and didn't drive - from ethiopian to the froot loop, maybe?
Last Kiss:hmmm... not telling...
Last Good Cry:*sigh* its about time for one...
Last Library Book:2 dozen overdue books from g.m.u. library
Last book bought:bunch of used books
Last Book Read:"Sex in the Heartland" - not as exciting as it sounds, trust me...
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:be cool
Last Movie Rented:*giggle* the yes men - does that count?
Last Cuss Word Uttered:muddafucka
Last Beverage Drank:drinking black coffee now
Last Food Consumed:granola w/ non fat soy milk
Last Crush:i've got a dozen going right now. its good to have a hobby.
Last Phone Call:adrienne, my fellow co-chair
Last TV Show Watched:punk'd
Last Time Showered:yesterday. its been a looooong day.
Last Shoes Worn:wearing red retro reeboks
Last CD Played:mix cd of sexual type songs
Last Item Bought:bought some coffee that i'm drinking.
Last Download:its been years.
Last Annoyance:cell phone battery dying. charger's outside in my car....
Last Disappointment:that word gives me hives
Last Soda Drank:been awhile. an imported sun drop from north carolina. the best.
Last Thing Written:the answer to this question.
Last Key Used:the period.
Last Words Spoken:"aight... i'll holler at you tomorrow..."
Last Sleep:a few hours prior to 5:30 this a.m. and grandpappy waking me up...
Last Ice Cream Eaten:perfectly blended malted by psue
Last Chair Sat In:this one right here under my arse. it's padded.
Last Webpage Visited:i have a dozen i.e. windows open right now.

Current Mood: so worn out.
most of you guys on here know that every once a month or so i get this craving for a relationship type thing...
yep, it's that time of the month againCollapse )
in other news... some weekend lists
wanted, needed, etc.Collapse )