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27 April 2005 @ 12:16 am
so, i just wrote this long post about how meaningful it was that i tested so strongly an enfp, once again... and, in true enfp style, i lost it. it disappeared, because i got caught up being GAYDD/GAYDHD and went scrounging on my history list to put a nice link here:

Personality Type Test

for everyone to check out...

anyway, the longer-than-short of it is this:

when i first took this test as some semblance of the adult that i try to be now, i was in the beginning of my first semester of freshman year at college. (incidentally, the first time i took it - ever - was as a 5th grader in nebraska and i tested as an estp) so, in college, i tested pretty much in the middle of most categories but had a strong "feeling" score... then, i met pam and went through that whole emotional upheaval. about a year ago i took this test and scored really, really low on the "feeling" scale and, thus, high on the "thinking" scale. i didn't want to feel.

tonight, i am happy to report that i am okay with feeling again. hoo-rah for a boy that is relearning how to feel. and i remember tonight eating at ciao hall *hmm...still full* how i was using a lot of feeling words in discussion... aahhh...

good stuff.

i was thinking (oh AND feeling) that it'd be cool if a bunch of folks just followed the link up there and, just for shits and giggles, if we all took it and looked at the relationships pages and links... especially would be interesting for all us kinksters and for us folks up for election to the pride alliance executive board. could shed some light on how we could best relate to one another, eh?

/dill, feeling really...well...just feeling...

hey, come to think of it, i remember sharing in my mtg. last night about being able to really share in a "real" way, after being kinda dead and detached since october. yay.
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27 April 2005 @ 12:26 am
meeting your crush's girlfriend. who is introduced as a "friend." who also has a male partner/husband/whateva on the other side of the country. while the crush blushes and dodges the introduction awkwardly and attempts to escape the office without making introductions. and a short (weird and awkward) discussion on palindromes follows. i love the human animal under strange circumstances.

i also love:

  • hiking by myself
  • the smell of one type of incense
  • black coffee
  • making chicken-fucker-sqwaking sounds
  • working with my *fingers crossed* two fellow co-chairs
  • "blueberry morning" post cereal
  • knowing where to find serenity and peace
  • being of service
  • having crushes
  • being honest
  • dancing
  • feeling ready to be in love again.

who/what/when/where/why/how do you love?