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24 April 2005 @ 11:10 am
1. thirty-something granola lesbian dyke from work: came by the store yesterday and went in my line and did the whole non-verbal guilt trip with puppydog eyes manipulate-o skill... ick. i felt yucky after that interaction. (fyi: this is not the same person as at-work-crush whose name begins with j)

2. i have coffee scheduled for tomorrow with at-school-crush, e... i'm so nervous and excited... but i'm also icky feeling because last time i got all excited about a scheduled coffee thing and it didn't get to happen... so, i'm trying not to hold my breath.

3. this woman i was insanely crazy about over a year ago and haven't seen since, like, october was at the meeting i was at last night and we totall reconnected. its weird, cos i don't think it was in an overtly romantic way (on either end), but we shared a smoke...ran like kids, holding hands, around the church...talked about our "love lives"...hugged like eighty-thousand times... *grin* it was perfect.

4. i'm terrified to talk to people i'm interested in, as evidenced by:

  • the handsome Leatherman from St. Louis that was at the Eagle last night, whom I spoke with only briefly, but made eyecontact with all night (always managed to be a line-of-sight between us)
  • the handful of cute little lesbians that were at my meeting last night... couldn't say a word...
  • of course, the ASCE (at-skool-crush-e)
  • truly, the list goes on and on and on and on...

one of these days i will get over it. i thought i had made some progress, but this weekend has been all about showing me how i haven't. props to PS re: why don't dykes just go up and grab people the way that fags do... (*sigh*)