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21 April 2005 @ 12:03 am
talked with infamous at-school crush today. got good info. i have repeated this good info verbally three times over now in excruciating detail and don't have a lot of pizzaz for storytelling right now.

but the short of it is:
1. got good poly-friendly information (her current relationship status)
2. was proffered information of the sort that implies sex/sexualtension/hookupfulness
3. was asked for information ("so, how's your love life?") that would be totally inappropriate in any other context or for any other intention
3b. talked about poly-stuff and monogamy and different vectors to and from each and where we are on those vectors...
4. starting to have a good connection and finding out crucial information
5. she's got a lot of confusion going on and a lot of processing to do, but the upshot is that i'm being included on this journey...

using my logical brain i can come up with a few conclusions:
- she's trying to initiate friendship by disclosing really intimate information from the start to build a foundation of trust and maximum disclosure (unlikely)
- she's writing a book on pre-op poly trannyfags and decided that i'd be a good source (unlikely but fun)
- she's potentially interested in some sort of sexual/romantic/whateva relation and is testing the waters and giving me information with which to test the waters. (prolly most likely)

*grin* this should be really interesting.

BTW: mad props to a certain pallendrome who helped a certain faggy transguy process yesterday... (aren't my watersaturated running shorts cute!!!)

/dill/the boy of perpetual crushness/the drummer boy on the quad at school/the boy who got mad lost trying to find hemlock overlook today/cowboy in training.
Current Mood: content. like whoa.
Current Music: with me lately it's been all reggae all the time.
21 April 2005 @ 12:13 am
my 30+ minute run with headphones & reggae
hopping into the hottub with friends post-run
gawking at the cute capoiera instructor (martial artist & dancer body)
practicing my handdance moves with folks in the pride alliance office
how polishing old rings with toothpaste renders my hands minty fresh
typing historical papers about sex and realizing how far we've come
typing historical papers about sex and realizing how far we've got to go
drinking vit. d via sunrays
digging out my summer uniform of a white tanktop and jeans/shorts
the taste of black coffee
how moving to the other side of fairfax will render my homestead trick-able, again!
using safewords to protect against nonconsensual flirtation... :)
playing handdrums on the quad
saying something so terribly WASPy and collegiate like "the quad"
my brand new bright yellow converses that will make their debut later this week
my perpetual movement once the weather heats up
connecting with sponsor & realizing just the sound of his voice grounds me.
cereal with nonfat soymilk at nighttime.

having a life so rich with so many top-shelf friends on a day to day basis...
Current Mood: love, love, love...
Current Music: jimmy cliff, once again...
21 April 2005 @ 11:52 pm
hmm... photobucket... yay...

so, this crush at school... turns out to be a really fascinating, fun and wonderful person. that's always nice.

she gets the, "oh well, if it hurts, that's ok. maybe i'll at least get a few good poems out of it..."

and stuff. how do you summarize an "in the moment" conversation that happened what seems like forever ago (a few hours)? i can't abuse the "in the moment"-ness of the conversation by trying to remember all the details. but it was really good.

walking by faith and not by sight...flying with zero visibility...listening to my gut...grabbing that bull by the horns...doing the next right thing...

all of this. today.

regardless of what happens or doesn't happen on the sextravagant front... it'll all be good in the 'hood, my friends... nice to know that there are other souls of the same weave out there...