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i asked out at-work crush, j... and she said yes... and today at work, which is where i am right now, she's been very smiley and cute... awwwww.... we're gonna go to a nearby lake and rent a boat and paddle and float around. i am SOOOO going to fall out of the boat. i just know it.

i'm gonna fall out of the boat. and pull the boat over. and get caught on a root or dead fish carcas on the bottom of the lake and when i finally free my foot, i'm going to come up for air (just barely in time) with kelp or some lake-side form of kelp on my head. and then i'll lose my swim trunks just as i try to climb back on top of the overturned boat. and then some hawk will steal my trunks. j will laugh. i will cry. and i'll have to drive home without any pants on. how will i explain my absence of attire to the boathouse staff...

aahhhh... nothing like hysterically living on the wreckage of the future. wretched.

i'm still so stoked. what if she misunderstood me, though, and thinks we're just hanging out as buddies. what if what if what if what if. i think she understands my intent, though... seeing as i mentioned that we should go out, dep. on what's going on with her and e (her ex)... sssoooo... her response was, 'we can hangout anytime.' to which i said, 'ok, i'll think of something fun to do.' and she said, 'k' then... after dinner we talked about stuff and she said, 'i don't work on tuesdays...just for future reference...'

in response my alkie brain goes... 'FUTURE REFERENCE???!!!!??? WTF????!!!! you mean you might want to hang out with me IN THE FUTURE???!!!!'

wow. i'm definitely internally hysterical. its so hard to concentrate on remembering 4-digit produce codes when she walks by and smirks... grrr...

*grinning boy*