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07 April 2005 @ 01:32 am
teddy roosevelt paper. gail bederman needs to go to latin america and study her context.

i'm exhausted. i have an optometrist appointment tomorrow in the morning.

there is a cute guatemalan chick from work who asked me to go home with her (in spanish) tonight... its cute cos we have mad communication issues, so we both say totally lewd things in our native language and the other person sometimes gets it and sometimes doesn't... i don't know if in spanish asking someone to go home with you means the same thing as it does in english...

anyway. i had a paper to write, so i told her that i'd be working on sunday and so would she and maybe _then_ i'd wait for her and we could leave together. you see, sunday is her last day of work, maybe.

its weird, i feel like a pervert when i see my profile in reflection... tits on my body weird me out... i mean, not like body dysphoria, which is a given, which i think started growing as soon as my tits did... i mean, i feel like i'm perverted when i see that i have tits. does this make ANY SENSE AT ALL?!!! i think i need to go to sleep.

i still need to go shopping for the fairy ball. but i know what i want now. and i got a haircut today, which is always good. i can't wait to see all us alphabet-soupers all dressed up... i'm so used to seeing everyone in college-student-cotoure (major misspellings there, but you know what i mean)...

oh... minka returned. and then she promptly left. know what? i think she as an INDIVIDUAL is an unhealthy person for me. whoa. imagineer that. i'm getting smart in my young age.


btw... i'm so definitely addicted to exercise... i've been running 5 miles, 5 times a week for over a month... its starting to really show and i'm loving it. i'm so totally an endorphin addict, regardless of where the endorphins are coming from...
Current Mood: tired. tired. tired.
Current Music: "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing..."
07 April 2005 @ 01:46 am
i think i want to get thick framed black plastic glasses tomorrow, if i can... i think that'd be hot. its time for an optical accessory. as much as i love contacts, and i do, believe me... it's time for glasses, too, again... i'm going to have my cake. then, i'm gonna eat it. *hahaha* (psst... i def. need to go to sleep now... i'm scaring myself...)

and i'm gonna let my hair go natural for a few weeks if i can stand it... then maybe go red... then blonde again in time for san fran...

dude, san fran count down: 2 months, 14 days... okay, that's a long way off... but still... !!!!!