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well... i didn't have my lunch date with mystery woman because i got to work 2 hours late and didn't get a lunch break. soo... i called her and left her a voicemail, but, smartly, i called her from the number of the store, so i didn't give out my personal digits. so, the update from the lunch break lunch date is uneventful because it didn't happen.

i will call her, though, later this week and set up a time for coffee.

in other news... this woman whom i've known for 6 or 7 years, the infamous femme with whom i have a lot of baggage, who tainted other femmes for me, for awhile, popped up again today. she went through my line at work. wtf. she looked beautiful. she blew me a kiss as she walked away and i caught it (by this i mean, i caught the kiss). AND i called her on my way home from work. *long sigh* sometimes i wonder if maybe we are meant to be together, in a totally poly way, of course.

blah. i wanna take a boy, though... a cute handsome boy... *stamping foot* dammit. i don't have to take anyone, the thought just occurred to me today that it would be a good idea.

do you know how many "good ideas" i've had over the course of my lifetime? here's a sampling of a few good ideas of mine:
1. I should have my friend Lindsay pierce my bellybutton with a safety pin.
2. I should stay with Pam, forever and always.
3. I am a rock, I am an island. No one will ever "get to me" again.
4. I should grow out my hair.
5. I should drink 23 shots of vodka, on top of 2 shots of aftershock, on top of two beers.
6. I should sleep with.... (fill in name here)....
7. I should break up with.... (fill in name here)...
8. I should not talk to... (fill in name here)... they aren't interested anyway.
9. I should not ever, under any circumstance, ask someone out on a date, at all.
10. I never/only date femmes.

Obviously all of these ideas are ludicrous.

Maybe I shouldn't take anyone. Maybe I'll ask for volunteers. *laughing @ self* speaking of asking for volunteers, I totally practiced lecturing this morning while I was eating breakfast, on my way to being late for work... I was lecturing about the U.S. involvement in Cuba during the early 20th century.

I am so not cool.

Maybe if I stopped lecturing to myself during breakfast and started talking to other people, I would have a date for this stoopid dance, anyway. whatthefuckever.ohwell.

Current Music: iowa, dar williams.
03 April 2005 @ 11:46 pm
*sigh* at-work crush, j, said she has been thinking about our plan to escape to somewhere southwest of here... just running away... it went like this:

me: "yeah, whenever you're ready to buy that land out there, i'm down..."
j: "yeah, i was thinking about that the other day..." much nodding and smiling...

she's reading a book about john addams... swoon... i *heart* that.

more haiku:

she hides in the past
to run from present heartache-
best is yet to come.

ick. i think i need to go meditate some more...

love is far from here
this heart holds still distant shores-
romance lost his key.

*hahahaa* i amuse myself.

necesito estudiar espanol porque tengo un examen manana pero no quiero estudiarlo. ahora tengo demasiado energia y no puedo concentrar en ninguna cosa. quiero salir con judy pero no puedo decirselo a ella. debo descansar ahora y pensar manana.