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31 March 2005 @ 10:15 am
came out to another friend of mine last night -- kinky hetero guy -- and he was fabulous. his one response was to start singing a song written by an ex of mine, "Just Like Always"

Just like always
I am breathing
Just like always
I am that
Just like always
I am an angel here.

he sang it to the effect of, "dill, you're always who you are. nothing's really changed."

/dill wearing an american eagle polo with the collar popped... frat boy kink is the kink o'the day.
Current Mood: french
Current Music: "just like always" jim dugan
31 March 2005 @ 11:44 pm
hmmm... quotes of the day:

"soo... does anyone here have anything they'd like to get off their chest?"
trannyboys look down at chest.
"yeah, i've got a couple."

soooo many more.

i'm going to a fairy ball next saturday and i don't know what to wear. i'm thinking:
1. james dean-esque
2. standard suit/tie/etc.
3. pimped out suit/tie w/ vest and cane and hat.
4. cowboy-esque
5. puck (from midsummer... only clothed, somehow)
6. 80's ala Billy Idol.

i'm so totally taking suggestions.
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Current Music: i wanna be your boyfriend by ramones