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01 March 2005 @ 11:21 am
so much work/studying/networking/workingout/transstuff/meetings/friends

so little time.

just a note to say, I *heart* you all and I'm really sorry about the shortness of my time, lately. I don't have the time to tell all of you guys and gals how much I adore and appreciate all of you. And that sucks. And to all of you whom I have made a committment in some form or another - trust me, I have not forgotten. I think being overwhelmed is more a state of mind then a time in the day sort of thing, but that's where I am. I hate walking around as a hugemongous stress-ball and I don't want to bring that sort of energy into anyone's life. I'm not apologizing in a "hey, I've done something wrong" sort of way, rather in a "hey, i know what i am doing and i know the patterns/etc i am reenacting. thank you for your patience, love and tolerance" sort of a way.

what would be really helpful would be a little bit more of that patience, love and tolerance, within the boundaries of the cosmic "you" (ie: to whom it may concern) and what "you" can afford. i really don't mean to come off as asshole-ish or rude or flighty, etc... i'm just trying to show up the best that i can for people who i adore.

and, i'm trying to not forget myself. not myself in a self-centered way, but my Self, as in the thing i can keep track of so that i spend less time running in futile circles, wasting energy chasing futile things.

Current Mood: worriedoverwhelmed.
Current Music: he's gone by the dead.