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26 February 2005 @ 11:01 am
*grin* hmmm... sex dreams are a good way to wake up... *giggle* hmmm.... yummmm..... wow....

sorry, yeah, anyway. *laugh* guess what, oh faithful livejournalers? j, the crush that won't go away, ya know, the one who is going to san fran with all of us... well, she said last night that her ex, e, was supposed to go with us, too.... *ironic laughter* one of these days i'll learn... hell, i keep thinking that i'm learning and then i see her again and realize i'm just as dumb as i was before.

(sigh) AND i smoked last night, only really cos j was smoking and she and i have, unfortunately, formed a little bond over the terrible shit. i didn't smoke a lot, just enough to realize that i really, really, don't want to... but still...

AND i'm staging an exercise strike -- like a hunger strike -- because the place oncampus where i like to work out is closed today because of some stupid swimming tournament... :( bastards... so, of course, instead of running outside (too cold) and checking out the oher place oncampus that may have the machines i'm looking for (too unfamiliar)... i'm going to sit at home and drink coffee and sulk.

:) i'm really not that miserable... i was just really getting into the elliptical machines...

/that boy.
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: in my head: pixie by anidifranco