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19 February 2005 @ 08:03 pm
so, i found out that, j, the infamous never-ending crush is going with us to san fran. that means that there will be five of us from WFM traipsing around san fran pride. yee-haw. and j is sober, so it'll be good to have someone else in recovery with me, lest i get a hair up my ass and decide that since i'm in san fran and no one could possibly find out... etc, etc... you know that story... sooooo....


i'm so stoked. yeah, i know, sooner or later i'm gonna have to post on something of substance and not just trip updates... there actually is a lot going on, so i'm sure when i finally slow down and stop and look back, i'll realize exactly what's up and then i'll post something really long and brilliant about it.


/jr. mint.