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15 February 2005 @ 12:17 am
this is platinum blonde, round deux. thought it would be fun... and a good way to "act out" by messing with the outside just for kicks... so, i'm blonde. yay. fun fun fun. i'm sitting hear with my foil hat on right now. if i had my digital cam, i'd take a photo cos it's funny looking.

gave perpetual crush, j, a single rose tonight. before you feel proud of me for being forward, let me just say that i also gave someone else in our crew a single rose, too, just for the kindness of it and the blending in factor... j liked it. unfortunately, in true boy style, the plastic around the rose came all undone when i was trying to give it to her. but she liked it. :) she told me a few days ago that she likes to get cut flowers. so, naturally, i gave her one.

small victory.

going to san fran pride in the summer! buying tix on independence air for $188 round trip... yeehaww!! trans march on friday, anyone?! yay. going w/ a bunch of coworkers. one of whom said today at work, "i wanna make out with a trans boy..." i just grinned and said, "really..." nonverbally, she got it. i'll wait a little bit and then talk with her. this is gonna be a blast, guys!!!!!!!!! 50,000 women at the dyke march. holy shit. and going with three totally cute chicks... three of us are flying out together... yippeeee....

there will certainly be some san fran leather business happening, i hope... provided i can have my fun without getting lost or endangered. anyone know any safe and fun folks from san fran?

/a very happy blonde boy.
15 February 2005 @ 05:54 pm
this boy is going to san fran june 21-26.... yee-fuckin-haw!!!!

paid for tix today, chicks at work ordering later today or tomorrow... yippie!!!