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13 February 2005 @ 11:59 pm
hi. so, i had a fantastic weekend. fucking exhausted, i am. but eileen made sure i had enough energy to write a rough draft of a descriptive essay for class tomorrow. and write, i did. i wrote about my experience at the Dead show i went to this summer. i am so in awe of that band and have been for so many years now, but it was so powerful to recount that experience so vividly, since my focus was on description, after all. *sigh* i love love love love love the Dead.

co-worker, colleen, of "so, do you smoke pot" fame invited me out to San Fran pride with her this summer. not as in she'll pay my way, but as in, hey, come out, it'll be fun, this is where you can find cheap air fare, let's chill in san fran, you'll love it. :) airfare is cheap as hell. never been to san fran. would be fun. might never come back. :)

dude, i am so exhausted. i am, i found out, working full time at wfm. i noticed "FT" on my paycheck last pay period and inquired, and found out that, indeed i am full time. yeehaw.

other weekend discoveries... well, the most exciting occurances are non-public. sorry. most of you will end up either hearing pieces of stories or reaping the benefits (or having reaped the benefits)... *blush* erg.

the judy update. we want the same things. this is sickening. we both want, basically, a best friend for life that is low-maintenance and as close to drama-free as possible, who is laid back, who we can be a kid with, with whom we can sit in comfortable silence. blah. she likes flowers. she told me this. tomorrow is valentine's day. if i were a smart boy, i'd get her flowers. i'm not a smart boy. it's gonna happen. i just know it. she called me a, "bad girl." i laughed cos i really am a bad girl, but i am such a good, good boy. *laugh* ha. did you like my turn of phrase? i am officially incoherent. i miss my buddy, twistedboyspike. i need to call that boy. maybe coffee on tuesday evening?!

stupid move of the weekend: piercing self on inner forearm in bathroom of a church. my skin is really way too stretchy on that part of my body and i ended up with a nasty (cute) little bruise. but i had fifteen minutes to bust before my meeting. what's a boy supposed to do?!

i officially get "voted on" the wfm front end "team" today. well, the voting happened today.

and, in other more exciting voting news: both twistedboyspike and i were announced as official pledges of the DCBOL tonight... yeee-haawww!!! *exhausted grin* i am so stoked... :)

/jr. mint.
aka d.t.

(oh, oh, to all of you who are reading this who i absolutely adore and have made plans to make plans to either talk via phone or over coffee, i am not blowing off our plans or my commitment to you... i am merely digging my heels in and adjusting to working 30+ hours a week and taking 15 credit hours at school. i adore you all, please, please be patient with me.)
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