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you are a party and i am a schoolnight. i am looking for my door key, but you are my porch light.
you'll never know dear just how much i loved you. you probably think this was just my big excuse...
but i stand committed to a love that came before you and the fact that i adore you is but one of my truths.
-"school night"


which is scarier:
1) perpetuating a ridiculous self-effacing pattern
2) realizing that you may actually be breaking away from that pattern

feel free to post opinions and experiences on this question...

and, question two, since question one was (in part) prompted by someone's answer to this question:
*** do YOU think that it is possible for ONE other human being to fulfill all of your needs to such a satisfactory extent that you would be content to remain monogamously coupled with that person for the forseeable future?
(note: this isn't asking if you are currently in a polyamorous relationship, i am {gratefully and gleefully} well-aware that the majority of folks on my friends list are currently in some variety of a non-monogamous relationship)
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: "Glory and Consequence" Ben Harper