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03 February 2005 @ 11:21 pm
ok, so tomorrow after work, i'm supposed to take photos of a boy in the Leather community who i respect and just totally adore and then what happens? well... i'm trying to get my shit together tonight for the photo shoot and i realize that i really can't find my camera. at all. and then i start to wonder if maybe it didn't get stolen when all of that other stuff did. hhmm... and i process that possibility okay, but what i can't process is that i'm not going to be able to take these photos tomorrow... that unless i either find my camera or find another way, i won't be able to take these photos for the foreseeable future.

then i remember that my good buddy told me tonight that she got a new digital camera for chanukah. i know that it is a long-shot, but i called her and left her a message about my disaster... and i'll call her in the morning. what was cool, though, was handling this "mishap" in a way that was actually constructive and wasted very little energy by way of stress and emotional freak-out. obviously, this is happening for a reason. i don't know why. that's not my job - to figure out "why." my job is to work sensible, honest solutions.

so, i emailed this boy and told him what was going on. he's super laid back and really fantastic, so i'm sure its not a problem. still, i really want to do these photos (he's my sponsor and Big Brother for pledging the DCBOL and i want to give back in a gesture of gratitude)... i know all will work out, but i needed to process more of my stress and share with folks... what better way than telling a whole shit load of people all at once, right?!

i'm sure i'll have an update, soon....
Current Mood: crazya little stressed.
Current Music: theme song to "Andy Griffith Show" stuck in my head.
03 February 2005 @ 11:28 pm
blowing your nose hundreds of times a day sucks hardcore when you have a nosering.
Current Mood: severely congested.