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04 January 2005 @ 12:06 am
spent the last few minutes cropping photos for lj usage, but prior to that i was sitting at my kitchen table, dreaming of all the places i could go. we got a National Geographic Expeditions thing in the mail, with itineraries for a few dozen trips anywhere in the globe that you could imagine... *sigh* i don't exactly have itchy feet for overseas travel right now, in fact i don't really have itchy feet for anywhere beyond a few days' driving and a road trip, but its nice to dream of these sights. what's cool, too, is picturing the places that i've been that are on these trips...

i always have itchy feet for a road trip. :)

may be driving down to western nc once the snow melts (if we ever get any! *grin*)... for those who don't know, western nc is my most favorite spot on the planet, so far... except for this particular wall of a fortified city somewhere in Germany... i can't remember the name of the city, but one person on my lj friends list will...

dreaming of travel, mirror-shining my boots, dinner with friends, quick check-in w/ buddy on the phone, mad hugs and body language from crush, J, tonight @ mtg. -- a good night, overall...

if i could be anywhere in the world right now, i would be in cherokee, north carolina (or asheville or franklin), smelling the spicy scent of burning sage and circle dancing w/ debbie little from winston-salem... *grin* we can even cut debbie out of the scene and i can be circle dancing w/ myself, to the scent of white sage smudging and an ancestors drum.

\jr. mint.

where would you be?
Current Mood: rejuvenatedi love the sound of rain
Current Music: and its raining outside tonight...