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So, here's my update, partially through the day... just to check in...

It's amazing, by the way, how many people I actually stay involved with by using this thing - how I can be updated on the in's and out's in your life *pointing to the reader* as well as how can stay involved with mine *pointing at Self*

Cashier training was not so difficult today. I'm a fast learning. My trainer, Hue, pronounced like Weigh, is a super sweetheart. She kept remarking on how quickly I learn. I wanted to say, "Pushing buttons in a particular order, memorizing that order, 5 number codes, vegetable identification and repetitive manual tasks are not that difficult." But I didn't, I said "Thanks, I have a good teacher" and accepted the compliment. At-work crush, J, let me take a break in her office, with the door shut. She offered her office as a place for me to lay down and nap... :) A tiny locked office, a big heavy steel safe, a long-time crush and a limited amount of time -- I was in heaven... *naughty boy grin* Nothing happened, but the tension was enough to make me struggle not to smile. After the meeting last night, she literally chased my car down and knocked on my window as I was pulling out. When I got over the initial shock, I stopped and got out. She said, "I couldn't let you leave without giving me a hug!"

Crushes are my favorite thing.

In other crush news, I have had no contact with EEM (Eastern European Man) who, I found out, is from Poland, but has a more indeterminate Eastern European accent, according to himself. I think I am being very good to not go out of my way to see him. Not so much out of false pride, but out of pacing and the knowledge that the more time that elapses between "visits", the more time I have to enjoy every step of the journey that he and I are on in our dealings with each other.

I like to have a healthy number of crushes happening in my life, ya know... At least one in every area of my life. Work, School, Program, Miscellaneous Social Folks, and so on... I am much less motivated by sex than I once was, as sex and the acquisition there-of at one point basically dictated my every move, still it is fun to have something to look forward to... And I am a pretty big flirt, according to most people.

Flirting may be my favorite aerobic activity.

What's funny is when I line all my crushes up inside my head and realize how different they are. There once was a time when all of my crushes/girlfriends/etc looked pretty much alike. Now I can say with complete confidence that none of them resemble each other, whatsoever, and my attraction is based as much on the ethereal "ENERGY between us" as how "hot" they may look by Elle/Maxim/W/Men's World/Genre standards...

Favorite recalled moment of conversation on Saturday night w/ EEM:
Me: "Yeah, that's right and you have a puppy. A blonde one, you said?"
EEM: *pats me on the head* "Yep, that's right. A blonde puppy."
(for those who don't know or don't remember: I am currently blonde)

(also, just to prevent any possible misunderstandings of the above excerpt and EEM-interactions in general, here is my disclaimer:

The interaction between Mark and I is, as of now, not pinned down to a paritcular appropriation of power, D/s-wise. So, in many moments/memory bubbles that I share on here, the conversation may seem to suggest conflicting things. As a Dominant (mostly) person (notably, not always by choice, but it seems this is the way things have always been) who identifies as any number of things on any given day, my gut-feeling and natural inclination around him is always changing. The thought of being his houseboy is as appealing to me as typing his ass up or tugging on his nipple ring. Hell, I was pretty interested in his response when I said he wasn't a Sir-type... I wonder what his experience level is (seems relatively high) and what his involvement in the community has been... So many, many questions and all the time in the world...

Off to finish my boots, though I may need to fuck them up again for a potential scene with a cute boy... ??

\jr. mint. *daydreaming*
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03 January 2005 @ 04:31 pm
wow, i feel like speedy gonzalez, trading responses to posts w/ my newest lj friend... just had to take 10 seconds out of our super-fast posting volley to breathe and let the rest of the world know that posting comments back and forth on lj is as exciting as attempting to have 12 conversations at the same time on AIM...


i have to remember to keep track of time and get something to snack on soon so that I'll have energy for working out, later...