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11 October 2007 @ 10:08 pm
still a baby-queer!  
...because i just realized that only 6 years ago was my first drag performance.

it was in honor of national coming out day in 2001 and i performed the love song medly from "moulin rouge" with a friend of mine whose breasts fell down to her belly button before the song finished.

in other coming out news, here's a story: came out as a big bisexual in 1997-1998 school year among my peers, then waited a long damn time and on august 15th and 16th 1999, i came out to my parents. my mom in her bedroom, folding laundry, my dad at starbucks. due to a recent breakup, my dad thought i was going to tell him i was pregnant. no. just gay. my mom cried for a little bit, but only when she thought i couldn't hear her. my dad was immediately accepting, saying "it is important for people who love someone to love them for who they are, whoever that is."

since then, i've come out as a number of different things - a queer, a pervert, a "boy Top", a tranny. and through all sorts of outings, i've been guided by older queers who showed me through their experience, strength and hope that i'd survive. and probably have some real good sex all the while.

oh dear elder queers, where would i be without you?!

gay gay gay! happy fucking day!