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27 December 2009 @ 11:27 pm
these days are good  
feeling a bit self-congratulatory at the moment. here's why:

+ generally great family time this holiday
+ pretty damn good holiday schwag from family
+ pretty okay holiday gifts for family
+ baked vegan zucchini bread for mom - each time i walk into the kitchen the mini-loaves are shrinking
+ went for a run last night at a very posh local gym and felt better immediately
+ serious sales victory today at the *gulp* yuppie mall - 104 dollars worth of denim for 31 with tax, 40 dollars of lush stuff for 19 dollars
+ delicious veg food at sunflower
+ hella good radio stations singing my drive around suburbia!
+ a really fabulous 4.5 hour coffee date with a solid pal (with some very brief parking lot wrestling)
+ tentative spring break plans in san francisco?! yeah!
+ exciting plans for the rest of my time here on the east coast, although i won't get to philly or brooklyn this time and this is a major bummer
+ editors of a volume (now series) in transnational feminisms accepted my essay (this was submitted many months ago and i had forgotten about it until tonight when i got the acceptance email)!!! deadline: mid-february, just in time for qualifying exams
+ lots of self-reflective year-end writing
+ feeling pretty good about qualifying exams, feeling a little bit smart, and learning to trust my brain-gut
+ possibly a shoo-in (wait, a shoo-in? a shew-in? a shoe-in?) for this sweet workshop in southern mexico in the summer
+ remembering dreams! all because of not having to spring to my feet and to wakefulness immediately!