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08 July 2009 @ 06:53 pm
First week in Guatemala  
I've been in Guatemala now for just a few days, but it is as if I never left. On Sunday evening, I happened to run into Alvaro on the street outside my old favorite cafe. I got a bed at the house in Antigua where I lived for a month or so last week. And on Monday I went to work at the Archive. Monday night, I hung around the Outdoor Xcursions house with the other folks living here, taking stupid pictures and talking. There was also some good dance partying.

Tuesday was more of the same archival work and a trip to the grocery for food.

Wednesday, today, was the day when I remembered that I won't be here for as long as I was last year, and so I have to step up the pace of my work. So, I sent a bunch of emails to people about making appointments next week in the city even though I find the city a terribly stressful and isolating place to live. To make sure I make it happen, I've made some dates for meetings and things. It will be okay.

I also went to the market today and got some veg. Here's the cost breakdown:
+ 7 roma tomatoes = 2.50Q = $0.30
+ 3 onions = 3.50Q = $0.45
+ 3 jalpenos = 1Q = $0.13
+ 4 or 5 limes = 5Q = $0.63
+ 5 green apples = 10Q = $1.13

Seriously. I wanted some avocado, but it's not quite time for the harvest yet.

Tomorrow, Thursday, my good friend Chris returns to Antigua. He was my best friend last year and I am more than thrilled to see his silly face once more.